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Another day obviously indicates an action that can be/will be done later in time. However, if you want to say that you want to do something. › dictionary › english › tomorrow-is-another-day. Tomorrow is another day definition: said to mean that, although you have just had a bad experience, you are confident or | Meaning, pronunciation. Definition of TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (phrase): future may be better. Definition of (JUST) ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE (phrase): used for saying that something is routine. Another in a series of typical, ordinary days. Often used to highlight that one's typical day consists of things not normal for most people. Definition · a day like every other day · an ordinary or typical day. Americans use this phrase to say that everything is ordinary, same routine. Nothing has changed and everything remains the same. Ron: Hey what's up? Carol: not. live to fight another day to have another chance to fight in a competition; to be able to continue with your life although you have had a bad experience: We. live to see/fight another day meaning, definition, what is live to see/fight another day: to continue to live or work after a fail: Learn more.


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